Harnessing the power of deep learning to enhance diagnostics and interpretations of X-Ray images and CT scans.


X-RAI Landing page

Inblic X-RAI is a cloud-based application that uses deep learning models to enhance the diagnostics and interpretation of x-ray images and CT Scans.

The goal of this solution is to collaborate with the Medical Community to rapidly develop a robust solution that can be used by hospitals across the world and save millions of lives.


We strongly believe in the power of humanity and in the importance of creating an ecosystem of experts to rapidly scale this solution. Time is of the essence. If you’d like to participate in this initiative, please reach out at xrai@inblic.com

Cloud Architecture

This AI Algorithm runs in Inblic Cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure. This is crucial to scale the solution thus enabling data gathering from hospitals across the world, which means a more robust algorithm to predict COVID-19 illness complication in patients.

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