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Enabling Your Digital Strategy

Bringing more than 30 years of experience in the Metals and Mining Industries with a focus on the steel industry, INBLIC Technologies is your trusted partner to shift your company to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness. INBLIC Technologies is a USA company, affiliated with the AMI Group, with an emphasis on bringing Industry 4.0 solutions to the steel industry. We have a business focus with our customer in the center. We used to be customers. We know what our customers want.


How? By assisting you in making smart connections between your people, processes, data and things as in the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIOT) and by using actionable insights to turn them into competitive advantages. We analyze the data from your “moments” in the Digital Transformation to create and demonstrate applicable value.


The implementation of an enterprise wide 4.0 strategy with INBLIC will not just improve but transform productivity and efficiency and quality.  It’s time to look past a process or a division to corporate wide connected improvements.

Why INBLIC Technologies?

The benefit of working with INBLIC Technologies is our industry know how which translates into speed. We can help you implement your Industry 4.0 strategy faster thus gaining efficiencies and competitiveness sooner rather than later.

INBLIC establishes strategic perspectives to capture business value from IIoT, the industrial internet of things

INBLIC ensures the correct data is harnessed to provide the internal and external benefits of the Digital Transformation

INBLIC  integrates disruptive solutions that open new markets and tackle new needs.

Why DIGITIZATION now?  It comes down to cost. The cost of capturing data and its analysis combined with fast digital communications, cloud computing and sensors with the industrial internet of things have all come down to a point where connecting or digitizing many of the applications we dreamed about can become reality.

Some say that Industry 4.0 is disruptive and uses less people, the INBLIC philosophy is not to replace your people but to make them smarter and more efficient at their jobs. 

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