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2-3 day sessions for operators, managers and c-suite executives to educate about digital transformation in their specific industry and the impact it will have in their organization.

Digital transformation is a reality and it’s changing the rules of the game. It should be in everyone’s agenda. A digital mindset should be across the organization and not just on the IT department.

Inblic has an active role bridging the gap between IT and OT to enable a your digital strategy.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Manufacturing Experience + Technology Know-How + Automation and Control Expertise = Your Trusted Industry 4.0 Partner.

  1. Business Strategy aligned with Digital Transformation Strategy
  2. Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment (People, processes, data and technology)
  3. Digital Transformation Vision
  4. Digital Transformation Roadmap

Process Optimization

(Internal IoT vs External IoT activities)

IoT must drive continuous ideation and help establish, where required, multiple strategies that will increase operational efficiency, increasing revenue or reducing costs and delivering new and compelling customer experiences. IoT it’s not just an IT, OT or LOB investment. IoT impacts the whole organization and should be in everyone’s mindset.

Regarding Industry 4.0 strategy for our customers, it’s our philosophy to Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast.

We deliver Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications that have the greatest impact and a short-term and clear ROI, and also have the foundation to scale fast, thus enabling your digital transformation.

Our solutions can improve internal operations.

Significant benefits can also be accomplished by optimizing your supply chain and improving customer experiences.

New Business Models

They are defined by how your organization creates, delivers and captures Value.

Industry 4.0 technologies unleash a whole new set of business models that are disrupting every industry.

With our manufacturing and technology expertise, we help our customers think outside the box and create this new business models, gaining a competitive advantage.

Examples of these business models are:

  • Outcome-based model
  • Suscription Model – XaaS
  • Data monetization
  • Pay-per-usage
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Case Studies

Inblic Cloud

Inblic’s solutions run on Inblic Cloud which is our IoT platform powered by Microsoft Azure. It lets us connect to every different data source to feed our AI algorithms. From internal data sources like: sensors, PLC, databases and enterprise systems (ERP) to external data sources like: weather, social media, news, etc.

With Inblic Cloud we develop user-specific dashboards that provide insight from data gathered. From Business Intelligence information (ie. KPIs), to time series data coming from sensors or PLCs.


Data is the raw material of the 4th Industrial Revolution. And with the emergence of the IoT, data sources have multiplied by billions. Gartner predicts that by 2021 25 billion products will be connected and generating data. The opportunities of increased efficiency and competitiveness are enormous.


The first step of every Industry 4.0 solution is to break data silos and visualize what’s happening with your operation in real time.


Driven by our customer’s business outcome and powered by our artificial intelligence experts, we develop custom made applications that give you an insight into your processes to help your organization gain a competitive advantage and be more efficient.


Visualizing and Monitoring it’s a good first step, but to realize the full potential of an Industry 4.0 application, the application should act on the insights found.

Pairing our Industry 4.0 technology know-how with our automation and control expertise, we are able to act on the insights found from your operation:

  1. Send an alert of an abnormal behavior in your operation that might create a safety hazard.
  2. Send a transaction to an ERP system to optimize maintenance in a particular asset.
  3. Notify a vendor or specialist to schedule a repair technician to install a part
  4. Trigger a logic in a PLC or IoT-enabled product to increase throughput or shutdown based on a machine learning algorithm.
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