“We develop meaningful solutions to actual problems in your steel plant.”

INBLIC Technologies is a new automation and technology company that uses
emerging Industry 4.0 and IIoT techniques to develop solutions that are specific to the steel industry.
INBLIC’s founders include steel industry operations management with extensive EAF industry experience, information technology management with emerging technologies experience and automation and controls expertise. We leverage 30+ years of expertise in automation and control solutions and steel industry know-how to enable your digital strategy. We believe that “It’s easier to teach industry 4.0 to steel professionals than to teach steel to Industry 4.0 professionals.”

The word INBLIC means “insight” which is the goal of Industry 4.0 providing insight into processes, equipment, and maintenance.

INBLIC is a Solution Provider and Integrator

– This means we get to use whatever tools needed to create your solution
– We integrate “the best of the best” of emerging as well as proven technologies to develop our value-added solutions
– We are unique in that we are gathering the best tech from everyone to integrate into steel specific solutions.
– INBLIC is focused on Process Optimization, putting SMART to work in the steel industry.

We call our tailored solutions “Steel Industry 4.0” INBLIC Technologies is a USA company, affiliated with the AMI Group, with a focus on bringing Industry 4.0 solutions to the steel industry. The AMI Group of affiliated companies is the proven leader in automation and control technologies for EAF mini-mills. 90% of the steel poured from EAF steel plants in the USA utilize AMI Group’s technology.

INBLIC is an extension of this proven expertise applied to the emerging technologies of IIoT and Industry 4.0.


The benefit of working with INBLIC Technologies is our steel industry experience which translates into implementation speed. We can help you implement your Industry 4.0 strategy faster thus gaining efficiencies and competitiveness sooner rather than later.

Call us. Let’s meet and see if we can help.