Fernando Benitez joins Inblic Technologies as CTO

INBLIC Technologies is pleased to announce that Fernando Benitez has joined our INBLIC Technologies team as Chief Technology Officer.

Fernando joins INBLIC with 10+ years of experience in software development in different manufacturing environments and extensive experience in Industry 4.0 technologies. Fernando comes to INBLIC after working for AMI as a Software Development Manager.

Among his developments in his prior role, he developed and supported various visualization and optimization applications that used emerging technologies for leading steel companies globally.

INBLIC Technologies supplies Industry 4.0 solutions to the manufacturing industry. An experienced team of industry veterans and partners provide innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of the manufacturing industry in implementing Industry 4.0. The word INBLIC means “insight” which is the goal of Industry 4.0 providing insight into people, processes and technology.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry, INBLIC Technologies goal is to bring companies to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness enabling their Digital Transformation.