INBLIC Technologies is honored to be presenting at the Steel Manufacturers Association Spring Plant Operation Division Meeting in Jacksonville, FL March 8-9, 2018. Meeting details at

EAF operators want to understand what is going on with the electrode market in 2018 and beyond. INBLIC Technologies COO Jamie Hansen will be presenting a white paper on the Graphite Electrode Industry and discuss how it is affecting the steel industry.

A veteran of the steel industry and its supply chain, Jamie Hansen is an expert in EAF operations with extensive expertise in both the steel and graphite industries.

For a copy of the white paper – Graphite Electrodes a Current Industry Overview for Steel Producers, send an email request to

INBLIC Technologies supplies Industry 4.0 products and services to the manufacturing, metals and mining industries with a focus on the EAF steel industry. An experienced team of industry veterans and partners provide innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of the EAF steel industry in implementing Industry 4.0. The word INBLIC means “insight” which is the goal of Industry 4.0 providing insight into processes, equipment, and maintenance.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience in the Metals and Mining Industries with a focus on the steel industry, INBLIC Technologies goal is to bring companies to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness. INBLIC Technologies is a global company, affiliated with the AMI Group, with an emphasis on bringing Industry 4.0 solutions to the steel industry.